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Natural Ayurvedic Hair Color




Dispatch time 5 working days from the date of order

40gms of Natural Hair Color contains 2x 20gms packet.

  • Select 10gms option if you have short hair or shoulder-length hair. For short hair , shoulder length hair and people with less pre-mature grey hair in the scalp region 20gms is sufficient.
  • if you have dry hair we suggest few drops of coconut oil or olive oil to be mixed with hair color and apply.
  • Our Natural Hair Color contains sesame oil & castor oil, produces heat in the body after application So if you have Pitta Dosha ie, According to Ayurveda if you have a heat body , After application of the Natural hair color we suggest that you apply coconut based hair oil or our spinach and herbs hair oil to the scalp in the night or next day keep for 2 hrs and wash off. The Application of hair oil helps in balancing the body temperature and prevents hair fall, which is very important.
  • The color lasts for 30 to 40 days after application. Use Sulfate free shampoo and twice a week hair wash so that the color lasts for a long time.
  • Shelf Life 10 months. if using for first time patch test recommended . 
  • To be used immediately once the sachet is opened, not advisable to be opened and stored for later use, cause if the product is exposed to air for longer time it might not color effectively. 
  • If you want to patch test cut the sachet and take a small amount of powder in a bowl mix with water. Do the patch test and wait for 24 to 48 hrs, after that continue to apply on scalp. You can store the sachet in a air tight container but don’t store more than a week.   
  • You can use this Along with our Vannam Natural hair color at 1:1 ratio I e, for eg-20gms vannam hair color to be soaked overnight, and 20g carbon black natural color the next day in a separate bowl mix with warm water for 5mins, and then combine both vannam and carbon hair color together in a bowl and apply. -This provides a good Natural Light black shade. You can also take 3:2 ratio I e, is 60g vannam hair color and 40g carbon hair color.

Product Description:

  • Are you worried about your pre-mature grey hair in your front scalp? Are you trying to hide or cut your grey hair? Worried about using the commercial chemical hair color in the market? Usage of traditional Henna and Indigo for hair color is time consuming and Tough? Then choose our Carbon Natural hair colour.
  • Gives you a hassle free experience with the most pigmented black hair colour.
  • Not only Is our product safe for hair but also for your scalp as it contains no harmful chemicals.
  • We are sure you wont regret buying this gem of a product from Mystic Naturals, so get yours today!
  • This unique natural product is prepared in Kerala by following 60year old age Ayurvedic Formulation. It is called the layering technology and it takes 1month duration to complete the process.

No PPD, No Ammonia, No preservatives. Lab Tested Product.

What is layering technology? & How our Natural Hair color is unique and Completely Natural?

We Give layers of henna leaves , indigo leaves and oils one above the another, leave it in the earthen utensils for whole absorption in sunlight covered with cotton cloth. The oil forms bonding with the henna particle. When all absorbs we leave it in (Adityapak) sunlight for drying and then khalikaran (crushing using rock Mortar & Pestle very finely and keenly to powder and then packed). When this powder is activated with hot water, the oxidation starts which colors the Hair. This is our unique method of manufacturing our hair color.

100% Natural Ingredients For Hair:

Henna leaves, indigo leaves , black walnut bark powder, Rose, Haritaki, hibiscus , curry leaves,sesame oil, mustard oil.


  1. Empty the complete packet in a bowl and pour warm water to activate the mixture. Let it sit for 5 minutes.
  2. Wear a Good Gloves and start applying with a brush.
  3. Keep it for 40mins and wash off with mild shampoo. Repeat once in a month.


  •  Safe for scalp and hair.Gives a cooling Experience to your scalp.
  • Extremely Effective for premature grey hair and also prevents further Grey hair
  • It Provides nourishment and softness to hair due to the presence of henna leaves and five types oils
  • Easy to Apply and saves time
  • Our Natural Hair Colour is more advanced and effective than the traditional Henna and indigo colouring method.
  •  No PPD, No Ammonia, No preservatives. Lab Tested Product..
  • It colors only the grey white hair.
  • The colour lasts for 30 to 40 days after application . use sulphate free
    shampoo and twice a week hair wash so that the colour lasts for a long
  • No need to hide or cut your grey hair anymore. Feel confident again with our carbon natural hair color. Go for it as it completely natural and safe.


-Natural Products and natural color pigments might cause allergies in some people so patch test recommended before applying.


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6 reviews for Natural Ayurvedic Hair Color

  1. Rinsa P

    By far one of the best natural hair color
    Review by Rinsa P. on 5 Nov 2020review stating By far one of the best natural hair colorWithout any doubt, this is the best stuff for your hair. You can feel it and not just see it.

  2. Aiswarya l

    Amazing product.
    Review by Aiswarya l. on 16 Nov 2020review stating Amazing product.I was suffering from grey hairs.I was not ready to use dye as it contains chemicals, so I decided to try mystic hair colour and the result was “amazing😍”no words to tell.Will buy more nd moreeeee.

  3. Janani K

    Awesome natural product… using it
    Review by Janani K. on 16 Sep 2020review stating Awesome natural product… using itAwesome natural product… using it for the first time ever.. happy

  4. Stella X

    Natural black
    Review by Stella X. on 6 Aug 2020review stating Natural blackBest product, my dad like it very much.

  5. BIncy S

    Winner Product!
    Review by BIncy S. on 11 Sep 2020review stating Winner Product!I bought this for my father and he is in love with it.The highlight point that he mentioned was the cooling sensation on application of carbon black that he never got while using other dyes.
    He was quite sceptical on the scale of colour it can give as this is a natural product but was so impressed with the results. Huge appreciations for MystiRead more about review stating Winner Product!c Naturals for coming up with such natural and effective products.

  6. gowthamigarnet (verified owner)

    I used the carbon herbal dye and it’s too good. It has given complete coverage to my grey hairs with a rich black color. The best part is that the dye did not stain my towel while drying my hair after wash. My hair still feels soft unlike other chemical dyes. This product is a bomb! Lovin it!❤️

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