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Scalp Detox-(Moroccan Clay & Herbs ) Cleansing & nourishing Protein Hair Pack


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Shelf Life: 8 months

Suits All Hair Types.

Age group: Above 10 years.

Product Description:

Scalp Detox Helps in absorbing excess oil from the scalp, clears dirt, grime, & Removes Product-build up due to silicone-based haircare products. When the scalp and hair is fresh and clean , haircare products starts to show results sooner.

Fine hair and straight hair gets weighed down easily , once in a week apply this scalp detox , to get a light weight hair.

Eliminates dandruff causing Bacteria, thus it helps in reducing 90% of the dandruff. Not oly it detox, it also promotes nourishment and moisturization to hair.


-Can be used as NO POO cleanser once in a week.

-Cleanses scalp, detox & removes impurities, controls dandruff upto 90%

-Moisturizes hair, smoothens dry , frizzy hair.

-Makes hair silky soft bouncy & shiny.

Hair Loving Ingredients:


Red Moroccan Rhassoul clay Shikkakai beans, Jatmansi roots, Amalaki,pushkarnul, mangachekka fruit,Shankapushpi,nagarmotha,pomegranate fruit peel, ananthamool powder, elachi leaf, kapoor,marigold flower,nimbuk,neem, flaxseed.

Weekly Usage:

Mix with plain water or Hydrosol of your choice or Herb decoction with (Nettle leaves, Horsetail herb, Hibiscus , Thyme & Rosemary) to promote Hair growth and to Have a healthy scalp).

– For Dandruff problem mix with Curd and Apply.

– Banana or Egg can also be added for nourishment & strengthening.

Body Scrub

Natural Loofah (+25 rs)

Wooden Soap Dish

Wooden Soap Dish (+150 rs)


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