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vannam-Natural Hair color (Reddish Brown Henna)



Shelf Life: 10 months

Suitable for all hair types.

Product Description:

This Unique natural product is prepared using beetroot, carrot & Ayurvedic root powders in order to attain various colors naturally.sundried beetroot, carrot & henna leaves are Hand crushed properly and with 100% purity. The main Advantage of using this hair color is it won’t dry out the hair like the regular henna, instead, it promotes soft hair.

You can use this Along with our carbon natural hair color-black at 1:1 ratio ie, for eg-20gms vannam hair color to be soaked overnight, and 20g carbon black natural color the next day in a seperate bowl mix with warm water for 5 mins, and then combine both vannam and carbon hair color together in a bowl and apply. -This provides a good Natural Light black shade. you can also take 3:2 ratio ie is 60g vannam hair color and 40g carbon hair color.


Mix the powder with water/tea/herb decoction or hydrosol of your choice. leave it three hours or overnight in the bowl for the colors to be released. The next day start applying to the hair and wash off with plain water after two hours.

100% Natural Ingredients:

Organic Hand pounded Henna leaves, sundried Hand pounded beetroot & carrot powder, yashti, Amalaki, jatmansi & nagarmotha.

vannam hair color gives a reddish-brown color to white/grey hair. other hair it leaves a light tint.




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