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Rejuvenate-Overnight AHA Fruit Acid Exfoliating Serum.


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Quantity:30 ml

Shelf Life:10 months.

Texture: water Based serum.Ph-4.5

-Choose 5% AHA fruit acid concentration if your new to AHA, Beginners in AHA, sensitive skin, Moderate skin barrier strength.

-Choose 10% AHA fruit acid concentration If you are an expert in AHA, you have been using AHA for more than 2 years, you have super skin barrier strength.

-Suitable For: Dry skin, combination Skin, pigmented oily skin, oily acne prone skin, Dry acne prone skin, normal skin, Sensitive skin patch test to be done.

-Suitable For All above 20 years. men & women.

Product Description:

Is your Face Dull, and having pigmentation on skin? Do you want to get a super glow  the next day? Is your skin rough, bumpy skin texture , uneven skin tone? Do you want a better alternative for physical scrub? Then choose Our AHA Fruit acid serum , which Helps in exfoliating the dead cells  and cellular renewal overnight.

What Does AHA Fruit acid Contain?

it contains extraction of 5 fruits And plants.

-Lactic Acid from Bilberry

-Glycolic acid from sugarcane.

-citric acid from orange & lemon.

-Malic & Tartaric acid from sugar maple.

Complete Ingredients list:

Aloevera juice,rose hydrosol,AHA fruit acid complex, Sodium lactate, propanediol,gotukola extract, greentea extract, daisy flower extract, provitamin B5,  eco-certified preservative.

The immediate Results are:

-Boosts moisturisation and promotes soft skin.

-Fine lines due to smiling and expressions are diminished.

-Clears the gunk and dirt and gives a good glow, Bright and Radiant complexion.

-reduces whiteheads.

Other Results:

-Helps in diminishing surface wrinkles.

-Helps in Reducing Pigmentation, & clears out uneven skin takes around 2 to 3 months to see the results.

-Helps in fading acne dark spots . it takes 4 weeks to see results. can be used to reduce underarm and neck darkness.

-Helps in reducing the surface level scars, mix with foot cream to reduce the cracked heels.

-prevents in grown hair. use it before razor or wax on the skin day before.


-If you are new & a beginner at AHA, mix two to three drops in moisturizer & apply. Apply After face cleansing at night time. Weekly once to be used for New & beginners in AHA. After one or two months you can include twice a week. Apply sunscreen the next day.

-While using for the first time, there will be a slight tingling sensation, and that’s normal.

-Do not combine with any other actives, while using this serum.Do not use any physical scrub while using AHA.

-Do not over exfoliate, Do not use every day, if used, it will lead to dull waxy skin, red bumps , redness and irritation. Remember Less is more.

-For New & beginners-Skin purging, that is acne and pimples present in the the surface level , will come above when you do the exfoliation, and its completely normal , the purging might be there for 4 to 6 weeks.



Choose any one

AHA fruit acid 10%, AHA fruit acid 5%




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