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CALM Hair oil (stress Relieving & Deep Conditioning)



Shelf Life:10months

Suits All hair types.

suits Kids from 3 years, Women, men.

Product Description:

Are you tired after a long stressful day? use our Calm And Stress relieving hair oil and gently massage to scalp to reduce stress, Calms tension, helps in improving sleep, reduces anxiety and depression.

Mainly it contains sesame oil infused with 5 exotic flowers-Dhavanam, marikolunthu, Tuberose, champak,Rose. These flowers gives Amazing Natural fragrance , so there is no need of additional essential oil or fragrance.

Amla, bhringraj, bhrami herbs helps with hair growth, prevents hair loss,scalp relaxation, concentration improvement, reduces migrane &headache due to sinus.

Avocado, moroccan Agran oil & Marula oil promotes hair softness,  deep conditioning & boosts Hair density.

Sesame based hair oil suits well during winter season As well as All season.


can be used Daily, or twice a week . keep it overnight or two hours and wash off with sulphate free shampoo.use it for minimum 4 to 5 months to see results of hair growth.


Sesame oil infused with flowers-Dhavanam, marikolunthu, Tuberose, champak,Rose,Amla, bhringraj, bhrami

Avocado, moroccan Agran oil & Marula oil.




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